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November 26th, 2008

09:02 pm: My List of the Most Romantic Movies Scenes
Austin has been trying to convince me that I am a romantic at heart. The following list just might prove that. These are my all time favorite romantic moments in movies. Enjoy.

#4. Shakespeare in Love: When Viola leaves Will
#3. Pushing Daisies: Ned and Charlotte can't touch so they each hold their own hands and pretend it is the hand of the other
#2. The Office- Casino Night: Pam and Jim kiss in the office!
#1. Angels in America: This is my all time favorite. Prior sees Louis come down a magnificent staircase and the couple dances to "Moon River" before Louis' spectral disappears

Happy Turkey Day everyone. I hope you guys are enjoying this break as much as I am. The sleepover last night was crazy. I can't believe I won't be here next year for another one.
Greetings college, the great work begins! Thank you Tony Kushner.

November 16th, 2008

07:57 pm: REM
I have some pretty pathetic news. I think I hibernate in the winter. There's just something about the sun setting earlier that makes me sleepy. I honestly believe it can be scientifically proven. In the summer fall and spring, I do not sleep. I stay away until 3 in the morning. But once day light savings kicks in, I start falling asleep at 10. What does this mean? I think scientists would take great delights in studying my sleeping habits.

November 10th, 2008

08:14 pm: a few words on my current lover...
My relationship with the good ol' BM started in DD4. We were just casual acquaintances, seeing each other only once a week. We became fast friends in level 2, when I started attending two times a week. It first asked me out in level five, when three times a week was the norm. In Ballet 7, I guess you could call us "fairly serious"... at the point where it was given we would be attending not only prom and football games together, but also those normal social events on Friday nights. Last year, we moved in together and are currently very happy, spending all of our free time together. There isn't a day in the week that we don't hang out. Not one. And for all of the literal blood, sweat, and tears I have poured into our relationship, it has paid me back magnanimously with experiences and friendships that I will carry with me for ever. Now we face the question every high school romantic relationship faces: should we go to college together. Actually, I guess the real question is, CAN we go to college together. In the dance world, college is the eternal promise ring the Jonas Brothers so proudly sport. There's a ridiculously high chance it will led to another metaphorical ring...perhaps one that is strong enough to bring me back to Memphis when I am 22. I want this to work out, believe me I want it more than I want my own personal Jim Halpert. But I am slowly learning (here is the reference to last week's episode of the office) that even if both parties want it, our environment and other circumstances sometimes put too great a strain on the relationship and you're left with nothing but two broken hearts and some guy named Alex getting the girl... or in my case, a broken heart and a building that continues to impact others the way it has impacted me.
And so this is where I am and what I am thinking and feeling. I have come to no conclusion, nor do I expect to... until December 15... or maybe sometime in April... maybe not even until I am 22. So here I am, waiting.
That's all.

November 2nd, 2008

04:42 pm: the first illness of '08
I get sick too much.
I always seem to find awesome ways to spend what I am starting to call "ill time" though. Today, I settled down on my couch to watch some Amy Adams movies. She's fun. Her smile makes "my heart soar with the eagle's nest." I hope you can catch that reference. Amanda can't.
Speaking of Amanda, she and I went to see The Firebird last night. Mark Godden is a genius!
That's really all I have to say for right now. Ill time is still in session and I feel like giving "Miss Pettigrew" another viewing. That's what she said.
Enjoy your Sunday.

October 12th, 2008

05:04 pm: A Letter
Dear Hunter, Jeff, Susan, Heidi, and sometimes Larry,

Thank you for inspiring more than nine people.

-a Memphis [tos]er

September 29th, 2008

08:19 pm: Some Broadway, Some Office, and Some Fucking Calculus
I guess I should talk about [title of show] closing, but I feel like you guys must be pretty tired of me lamenting the loss of a Broadway musical. Just know that it's coming. That's what she said.
I could talk about The Office premiere and how Elise and I are the only ones in the universe to agree that the JAM proposal was a little less than satisfactory. Cute. Amazingly cute, but come on? A gas station in Fairview. I've never been a romantic, but even cynical Christine knows that this is a lame move. I am however very excited for a returning character whose story line is promised to shake up the jammy foundation upon which this season is built.


I will leave this information in a clue, which only the truest Office fan will be able to figure out. The person coming back was also in a production of Taming of the Shrew in the summer of 2007. See, you gotsta combine Office love with theater love.


Frosh Initiation was da bomb.com backslash awesome. Going to Rhodes was priceless. I loved it. And going on 40 hours of no sleep was certainly an adventure as well.

Well folks, I'm off to study for Calculus. Apparently, my mother is satisfied with my B average and (without my knowledge) sent an email to Mr. Miller asking him to meet with me once a week. Gee, thanks mom. It's okay. She'll get hers when she 80 years old and I'm the one responsible for choosing which nursing home I send her to. Get ready Jeanne/Melissa. Get ready.

September 8th, 2008

06:26 pm: my own rent memorial
So this is going to be my RENT blog. If you aren't in the mood for sap, you best stop reading now.

But first, I have to say, go to pandora.com and listen to some kick ass music that chosen specifically for you! It's awesome, guys! Check it out!

Okay, on to the sad stuff. RENT began for me Freshmen year when Aubree made me rent the dvd. So I guess I owe the rest of my life to Aubree...? I watched the movie. And enjoyed it, but didn't think it was anything special. The next day I was haunted by the story and the music. I couldn't get it out of my head. I watched it again, and immediately fell in love. My parents gave me the movie for Easter and I purchased the cast recording and the movie soundtrack.
Then came Idina. I was watchin TV and there was a special on Broadway. I was hoping RENT would be on, but I was a litte too late. Instead they were showing clips from a different musical.... Wicked. Defying Gravity transfixed me. If you can't tell my the title of this blog, that phrase has served as the driving force for the past four years of my life. Once I discovered that Elphaba and Maureen were one in the same, I became one of Idina's fans in the early days. Before she had multiple fans sites and three CDs. No no, at this point, Taye was probably more famous.
This next part is going to make me sound terrible, but it all worked out in the end, so it's okay. RENT got me interested in NYC. The life the characters led, what they stood for, and the fact that NYC was the place for all things Broadway made me start researching colleges in New York. I found Columbia and in turn found Barnard, which is the school I am applying to Early Decision. Even if I don't get into Barnard, I spent a month there this summer meeting amazing friends and having "only in new york" moments every day.
As college tour and family trips brought me to New York, I discovered my love for the city wasn't just because I had seen it in a movie. I got called a New Yorker this summer and I was pretty damn proud, let me tell you. This is where I want to be for the rest of my life.
I want to thank RENT for all it has given me and all it has given to millions of other fans. Not only do the music and story continue to inspire me daily, but without it, I would probably be applying to colleges in Washington and listening to Gavin DeGraw instead of [title of show]. My senior speech would be about ballet instead of Broadway. I never would have met my friends at Barnard. My life would be completely different.
I am so happy and thankful that I have been given the chance to see this amazing musical twice. I am sad that RENT is closing, but I am more sad that fewer people will be given the chance to be as affected by it as I have been. I am so so so grateful that RENT has had the impact that it has had on me.
So thank you, and goodbye.

September 7th, 2008

07:00 pm: R.I.P. RENT
At this exact moment, the last performance of RENT on Broadway is playing.
Let's mourn together, and anxiously await Adam and Anthony on tour this January.

goodbye love, goodbye

August 29th, 2008

11:06 pm: GAVIN and the FAIR
Gavin makes me happy. I had so much fun tonight. We started the evening with some nachos at Cozymels and then headed on over to the Delta Fair and Musical Festival, where we found that we were the only attendees without a southern accent. We rode the ferris wheel and the tea cup-esque spinning monkeyes and then I (because Gracie and Zuz were too scared to) sold our tickets to a redneck family... whilst maintaining a flawless southern accent complete with the phrase "fixn' to." It was epic. Then we went to Gavin. We couldn't stay the whole time, but we did hear I'm in Love With a Girl, Follow Through (which is my favorite!), and We Belong to Together. It was great. Did you know he is from New York? I did not. He had kind of a weird stage presence though. He was a little cooky. But I still love his music and him so overall it was a pretty awesome concert!

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